diid #67/68/69 (ed. ENG)


Design and Technology/Art/Science.

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2019 marks the centenary of the foundation of the Bauhaus, in the context of which the foundations for the disciplinary construction of design were laid. Through this experience, design has become a transdisciplinary point of convergence between artistic and technical knowledge. During the century that has passed, the discipline of design has then formalized paradigms, methods, and approaches without renouncing to that “exploratory” capacity that characterizes it. The themes launched by the three 2019 issues of diid intend, therefore, to open up a space for debate on the current state of the discipline, discovering and recounting its relationships, interference, and intermingling with other forms of knowledge. These three issues, namely “Design and Technologies”, “Design and Arts”, “Design and Science”, thus address researchers, experts, and professionals willing to discover and approach transdisciplinary design experiences.

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