Submission of publication proposals to ListLab

During the last decade, ListLab has issued more than 150 titles and printed over 60,000 copies. It has always kept high standards in terms of book quality and affordability by the large public. Due to this, the selection of the authors, content, and implementation of the books is crucial.
That said, ListLab is anyway pleased to receive publication proposals in the framework of the many long-standing BABEL series -dedicated to theory and academic research in the context of planning, landscape, urban design, architecture, and industrial design- but also in other themes and approaches to knowledge.

Today, in order to address emerging issues of contemporary life, society, and culture, ListLab is also developing three new thematic series:

  • M120, i.e., Meridian 120, which portrays the countries and territories located around the stretch of water separating Eurasia and the Pacific Ocean; the series aims at highlighting new ideas, new points of view, and, ultimately, new cartographies to look at today’s world, during a time when the Far East is no longer a cultural periphery;
  • Enter the Anthropocene, which addresses aspects of urbanization related to the impact of mankind on the Earth’s geology and ecosystem, including, but not limited to, the climate change; that is, the series seek to shed light on the interaction of global urbanization and our planet’s landscapes;
  • The Digital Affairs, which aims to build an atlas of the potentials and threats of new technologies, as well as the changes they are bringing to our society and the places where we live.

Before being accepted by ListLab and edited for publication, publication proposals must be reviewed by two members of the Scientific Commission for a peer-review process. In case of validation, ListLab will proceed with the editorial and graphic support in order to adapt the publications to the editorial guidelines and the demands of the market. In case of non-validation, the proposal will be sent back to the author with suggestion for modification, or the author will be notified of the proposal inadequacy. If proposed publications do not fall within the above-mentioned series, the ListLab Editorial Board will nonetheless evaluate them.

Authors who wish to publish a book with ListLab can submit their proposal by filling in and uploading the form you can find in this web-page. We ask to pay attention when completing the form, as this will provide the necessary information for the reviewers to carry out their assessment. If the form is incomplete, the publication cannot be taken in consideration.
While ListLab’s editorial guidelines can be downloaded HERE, all interested authors can contact ListLab and schedule a meeting by writing to in order to discuss aspects of their proposals or of the assessment process by the Editorial Board and the Scientific Commission.

Follow the instructions to share with us your ideas and proposals in six steps


Download the form


Fill the form

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Save the file in PDF

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We will reply as soon as possible


We always try to meet the needs of all authors. In case your proposal requires a personalized treatment, we invite you to contact us by e-mail or telephone.