is a research and communication project about contemporary architecture and landscape.
We believe in the power of space as a tool for expression, hence we investigate the places and the subtle narratives and silent relationships that lie beneath their surface.
We are interested in the manner in which people live and take care of their spaces, considering participation a sine qua non for the protection of the natural and artificial environment.
We love stories as an opportunity for everyone to actively participate in the co-design process for tomorrow’s landscape. For this reason, we support dissemination in all its forms as an essential process for the enhancement of the territories and the protection of material and immaterial heritage.
History was born with the aim of amplifying sensitivity towards architectural, environmental and humanistic heritage, through the communication and participatory and multidisciplinary design processes: observing, mapping, studying, touching, comparing and dialoguing.
Founded in 2014 in Naples by the architect Andrea Damiati and the engineer Vincenzo Iovino, Instaura has carried out hundreds of activities that have had concrete effects on the territories, especially in Campania and Tuscany. It has mapped 90 geo-located assets, 135 itineraries, 40 workshops, 3 major competitions for ideas for Naples and Matera, activities that have built up a wide and multidisciplinary network of partners and collaborators.
The unexpected stop in 2020 was an opportunity to reflect on the journey. We have set ourselves new goals and ambitions to expand the network nationally and internationally and to re-establish and strengthen the exchange with our audience. Therefore, in 2021 we launched the editorial project: Cartoline – Imaginary landscapes and where to find them! The newsletter about the contemporary environment.

Artistic and editorial direction Chiara Sonzogni
Editorial staff Ludovica Zen
Communication Michela Della Croce

Since 2014, collaborators: Rossella Gargano, Giovanna Silvestro, Mariateresa Napolitano, Maria Vittoria Iazzetti, Claudia Cusano, Claudia Mele, Aurora Coppola, Salvatore Cimmino, Laura Noviello, Rossella Troncone, Stefano Lento, Valentina Ciriello, Giusi Novi, Marco Zeno, Elisa Pieralli, Alessandra Busoli, Sara Policheni.