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Design to Substraction and Addition

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The aim of this issue of DIID is to describe design as inventor through narrations and illustrations of approaches, experimentation and projects.
A useful mapping to re-read the design complexity in order to explore its present boundaries and lay down guidelines for its future developments.
Invention pins down a possible solution that the maker uncovers amidst available knowledge. Thinking, inventing and producing: reality – the physical and psychic world – becomes material for continuous investigation and interpretation.
Design research “disrupts to re-arrange”, namely, it seeks to achieve original results via re-discussing previously envisaged well-established paradigms and schemes. A penchant for experimentation and contamination allow to define design as inventor: a “special place” not only for engineering invention, but also for a quest for new forms of behavior, new material or sensory worlds that can originate radically innovative relationships between men and artifacts.

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