Jörg Schröder

Architect and urban planner. Full professor and Chair for territorial design and urban planning, Director of the Institute of Urban Design and Planning of Leibniz University Hannover LUH, Dean for research of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences. Focus on architectural urbanism, sustainable development, territorial innovation, and design research; particularly regarding new metropolitan and peripheral spatial constellations, emerging creative habitat, and circular economy. Recent R&D projects: Rurbance (EU Alpine Space Programme), Regiobranding (BMBF), Dynamics of Periphery (DAAD), Creative Heritage (Volkswagen Foundation), Creative Food Cycles (EU Creative Europe Programme). Recent books: Dynamics of Periphery (edited with M. Carta, M. Ferretti, B. Lino), Jovis, Berlin; Creative Heritage (edited with M. Carta, S. Hartmann), Jovis, Berlin; Fringe (edited with F. Scaffidi), LUH; Climate Commons (edited with A. Diesch), LUH; Matera Soundscapes (edited with R. Cappeller), LUH. (Photo by Julian Martitz)