From/To Denmark with Love

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This book is the result of a two year-long investigation of economic, cultural and political influences to the architectural production of Jørn Utzon in relation to the Danish Welfare State.
It aims at being a contemporary investigation that relates to traditions of Scandinavian Architecture. It consists of a presentation of building projects by Jørn Utzon having been realized in the second half of the 20th century and selected for having a significance to questions of export and import of architecture. Each of these building projects are re-interpreted through a set of drawings and physical models that offer a critical discussion about the so-called “welfare architecture” and its political and ideological implications. This material is complemented by six critical texts which introduce the subject and contextualize the architecture of Jørn Utzon to different aspects.
Four of these texts are by the editors discussing how economic, cultural and political aspects of the Danish welfare society have affected the architectural profession and vice versa. The foreword is by one of the directors of the two architectural educational programs whose students have been involved in the production of this research-based project. Finally an interview to Fabio Gigone, once co-editor of the column “Instructions and Manuals” (Abitare Magazine, 2007-10), and now discussing the role of “disegno” in architecture, 10 years after that experience.

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