Weak City


Notes on landscape urbanism.

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“The study of ‘weak’ urbanism is both timely and apt. The topic informed the development of landscape urbanism a decade ago, and is equally evident in the emergent discourse of an ‘ecological urbanism.’ Cattaneo’s working method and extensive research illustrate how ‘weakness’ came to occupy a strong position in the disciplinary discourses and projective practices of the urban arts today.” Charles Waldheim

“Elisa Cattaneo is within the limited group of international architects able to face the crisis of contemporary design as an opportunity for epistemological reflection, investigating the intricacies of philosophy and science far beyond a simple disciplinary malaise.  This is therefore difficult but precious work because it can dissolve those academic constraints that block not only the project as a cognitive and operational practice, but also in a broader sense limit the knowledge of the twenty-first century itself. Without fear of going back to the roots of the most remote theories of the avant-garde nor to the most advanced projections of today, Elisa Cattaneo reconstructs a scenario of knowledge capable of highlighting those nodes that under the definition of ‘weak thought’ hide nuclei of a ‘strong thought’ adapted to unlock the knowledge of the present and its complex and unexplored potentialities.” Andrea Branzi

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140 x 200 mm


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