Inner Areas in Italy


A testbed for analyzing, managing, and designing marginal territories.

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The book is a timely contribution to the international academic and policy debate on ‘Inner Peripheries’ and the possible measures to reduce inequalities among different regions in Europe. In the framework of the EU Cohesion Policies 2014-2020, a groundbreaking experience of place-sensitive interventions addressing marginal areas was promoted in Italy, i.e. the National Strategies for the Inner Areas (SNAI). Inner Areas were identified, starting from 2012, due to their remoteness, environmental and architectural fragility, relative poverty, marginality, and shrinking trends. The book elaborates on the outcomes of the first funding cycle of SNAI (2014-2020) and looks towards the coming cycle, thanks to the contribution of more than 150 young researchers, gathered under the umbrella of the recently born National Network of Young Researchers for Inner Areas in Italy. Young scholars were invited to share their research on Inner Areas in Italy in a series of thematic roundtables held in 2020, at a time of profound reflection on territorial imbalances in Italy resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the different chapters of the book, this collective book returns the richness of the multidisciplinary discussions that took place during the workshop and contributes to the international debate on how to analyze, manage and design marginal territories, characterized by high degrees of fragility and exposed at various risks.

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