Beyond Urbanism


A brief history of landscape urbanism.

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Landscape urbanism emerged in the late 1990s as a critique of urban designers’ inability to deal with the expanded character of urbanization. So, the landscape has become a medium through which to interpret the contemporary city and develop ecologically sound urbanism. In the last fifteen years, several books, academic programs, and design projects have been developed under the landscape urbanism headings, contributing to blurring the boundaries between the spatial disciplines and multiplying the urban strategies. The book reassembles this story, starting from those main figures who developed the discourse and exploring the main cultural and academic contexts in which the field of landscape urbanism has emerged. While a series of interviews with Mohsen Mostafavi, Charles Waldheim, James Corner, Stan Allen, Sanford Kwinter, Ciro Najle, Eva Castro, Alfredo Ramirez, Chris Reed, Pierre Bélanger, Alan Berger, Kelly Shannon, and Manuel Gausa, let the protagonists speak of the discourse’s origins, an atlas of recent projects looks at the emerging practices, which let us foresee innovative relationships between city and nature.

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