A Landscape Infra-Structures Research


Infrastructure as landscape: pilot projects in Roma Tusculana.

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At the turn of the last century, the crisis of the concept of territory triggered a radical change in urban studies. Such a change gave new strategic meanings to the notion of landscape. This has become the preferred means of interpreting and representing spaces, relationships, and histories, as well as the performance of places. Invoked as a design tool, the landscape has also become capable of triggering strategic relations with other elements of the built environment, e.g., the infrastructure. This book aims to explore a further theoretical and strategic shift in landscape-infrastructure research. In particular, through contamination between the two concepts, the book explores new scenarios in which infrastructure absorbs the theoretical-strategic meaning of the landscape and, as such, it becomes the main topic of design at the territorial and urban scale. For the purpose of discussion, the book presents experiments carried out through pilot projects in the context of the Roma Tuscolana railway station.

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