Work Life Balance You Can (ed. ENG)


Stories of a new work-life balance.

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The book collects ten stories to encourage us to think that it is possible to redesign a balance between work commitments and family burdens. These are not intellectual abstractions, but concrete results of good practices for the well-being of families. The protagonists of the book describe to us how, together with their employers, they have found the best formula in order not to miss their presence in the family. It could be said that these are just stories of proximity, a drop in the ocean of globalization, but if we believe in the effectiveness of “think global, act local”, it is precisely in the local communities that the seeds of change can be found. In particular, the book tells us what is happening in the Trentino region, Italy, which has long been at the forefront in terms of territorial governance and its effects on the quality of life.

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