Maurizio Carta

UNIVERSITY OF PALERMO – Full Professor of Urban Planning at the Department of Architecture, Academic Senator and Rector’s Delegate for territorial development policies at the University of Palermo. Architect and PhD in Urban and Territorial Planning, senior expert in urban and territorial planning and local development policies. He carries out research on the themes of urban regeneration, policies for the enhancement of cultural resources and strategic planning. He has conducted research at Columbia University and the Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris. He was President of the Polytechnic School (2015-19), President of the University Consortium of Caltanissetta (2005-2009) and Councillor for Strategic Planning and the Historic Centre of the Municipality of Palermo (2009-2011). Consultant to numerous public administrations for territorial and strategic planning. His most recent activities include the scientific coordination of the Regional Territorial Urban Plan, the drafting of the Territorial Plan of the Province of Palermo, the Urban Mobility Plan of the Province of Catania, the Territorial Landscape Plan of the Partinicese, Corleonese and Sicani areas and the Strategic Plan for Palermo Capitale, the coordination of the Strategic Plan of the Nord Barese Ofantino Large Area and the design of Palermo’s new waterfront. He is the author of numerous publications on urban, territorial and strategic planning.