Elisa Cattaneo

researches the experimental ecological design and its theoretical implications. In particular, she considers design as a ‘weak’ field that can evolve and renew through new trans-disciplinary approaches. This concept has been presented in several significant exhibitions -e.g., Tallin, Venice, and Santiago Biennial, publications, and conferences. Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Planning, she was Visiting Scholar at the M.I.T. (2010) and Harvard University (2011-12). She is the founder and director of the B.L.U. Research Agency that is active in studies, research, and projects of contemporary design, and she is the principal of her firm, engaged in public projects and international competitions. She has been teaching at various Italian universities (Politecnico di Milano, di Torino, Domus Academy) and is the curator of several conferences and exhibitions. She is the author of books on design theory -e.g., Andrea Branzi. The project in the Age of Relativity, 2018; Nature through the Mirror, 2016- and she is a regular contributor for the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 ore.