The aesthetics of sustainability


Systemic thinking and self-organization in the evolution of cities

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Sustainability may represent a new form of humanity but, as proposed in its current form in many urban and landscape projects, it often lacks a quality essential to any anthropic space: seduction. Sustainability has to find its own power of seduction if it is to compete successfully with the ambiguous, but established charms of the unsustainable city. Talking about sustainability as an ethical necessity is a given, but aesthetics, style and emotions must also come into play. Those seductive elements were essential to making the city attractive — particularly the capitalistic
city — and have, paradoxically, much to do with excess and exuberance, with surplus production, conspicuous consumption and waste. The research presented in this book is a discourse about the importance of aesthetics, revisited through the lenses of systemic thinking, complexity theory and transdisciplinarity, in the sustainable design of city and territory. It is a ‘map of paths’ based on referential sequences
recalling not only the contemporary cultural imaginary but also a new conceptual apparatus sprung from the transdisciplinary union between thought, science and aesthetics, creating a cartography of resonances among different realms and presenting new models and tools for a possible new promising path.

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