Progetto Torri


Strategies and redevelopment of a large social housing district.

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The volume collects the results of the first consultation launched by ITEA Spa, Trentino Housing Institute, in collaboration with the Trentino University for the redevelopment of one of the largest social housing complexes built in the 1970s in Italy. 14 towers, 752 lodgings, 1821 inhabitants, about 30 hectares of urban surface, comparable to the historic center of the city, the Madonna Bianca and Villazzano Tre neighborhoods in Trento represent one of the most significant examples of transcription of the principles derived from the Modern Movement that can be found in the most exemplary forms of large-scale design. At the threshold of fifty years from its construction, the problems connected to the emergency of energy requalification are addressed through a multiscalar and multidisciplinary approach that expands the theme, as an opportunity to convert the present frailties into future qualities. Field explorations, written words, projects, drawings, photographs, present in parallel a research path applied to a real context, which intertwines the solutions conceived “of” and “for” this place with the wider debate. This concerns the imagination of creative devices of contamination between the old and the new and is able to produce an operational perspective to renew architecture, landscapes, and cities, as a necessary and useful practice.

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