Matteo Di Venosa

Matteo di Venosa was born in Bisceglie in 1966. Since 1999, he has been a doctor of research in Urban Planning. In November 2008, he earned the position as university researcher for the Scientific Sector ICAR/21 “Urban Planning”. Actually he is Researcher and professor in Urban Planning in the Architecture faculty of Pescara Universtiy. His academic activities and research focus on the relationship between infrastructure and territory, and the urban planning surrounding coastal and port areas. He has participated in numerous national research projects regarding infrastructure and territory: Public works in Adriatic cities (Miur, 2006-2008), Infrastructure for mobility and construction in metropolitan areas (Miur, 2006-2008), Insediative structures and infrastructure (Murst, 1999-2003); Pescara ridge equipment (Regione Abruzzo, 2004); Infrastructure and landscape (Programma Interuniversitario, 2003). Urban planning has been at the centre of his collaborative efforts with planning the restructuring of urban waterfronts.  Such projects include: The monumental waterfront of Naples (1st place, international competition), The port-city interface of the Carrara Marina (1st place, international competition), The reorganization of the port waterfront and urban areas of Corigliano Calabro (Premio Portus). And finally, he has provided consulting services regarding coastal and port planning for Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna, the Pescara and Taranto councils, and for the Puglia Interport Society. He has edited the following publications: Ultimo Miglio, Sala ed., Pescara 201, Sea Bridge , Meltemi 2007; Infracity. Strategie infrastrutturali, List I_Care-Actar 2007; Progettare la costa. Temi ed esperienze per l’euroregione adriatica, Diabasis, 2007; Il sistema portuale della regione Abruzzo, Sala ed., 2005; Porti di città, Sala Edi. 2002.  He has also authored numerous texts and articles for specialized journals.