Massimo Faiferri

An architect with a PhD from the IUAV University of Venice, he is Associate Professor of Architectural & Urban Design at the Department of Architecture, Design & Urban Planning (DADU) in Alghero. He has successfully taken part, as partner and designer of the Studio Professionisti Associati s.r.l., in national and international competitions, winning them on several occasions. His articles and many of his works have been published in national and international architecture reviews. Having lectured in a variety of workshops and international Masters, he is currently Director of the “Sustainable and Affordable Housing” International Master, in collaboration with the DADU (Alghero), FAU (Lisbon) and Mackenzie (San Paolo). His research work is based at the DADU and the EcoUrbanLab, which he founded there. In recent years his research fields have focused both on the relationship between residence and city, organising meetings, workshops, conferences and design experiments to investigate the latent potential of the new forms of residence in developing contemporary urban landscapes, and on teaching spaces, considering learning environments as spaces of complex interactions.