Gianmarco Chiri

Giovanni, Marco Chiri (Palermo, 1971), Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design (ICAR14). He was member of the groups for programmes such as the PRIN and coordinator in several international workshops, including: SEW 07 with OMA (Rem Koolhaas and Floris Alkemade) and Back to Maddalena (UNICA – Harvard Design School). He was lecturer at the feasibility study for the Museum of Nuragic and Contemporary Art (Independent Region of Sardinia), the Pre-feasibility study for urban regeneration of the District of Sant’Elia in Cagliari (Independent Region of Sardinia), the Preliminary Design for the EEUR2012 campus in Cagliari (regional office for the right to education in Cagliari) and designer of the Plan of La Maddalena with Enrico Corti (Municipality of La Maddalena). He was also consultant for the work on urban design of Zhaoqing planning & urban design Bureau (Guangdong-PRC). And winner of the competition to redevelop the commemorative Arch Square and the lakefront in Zhaoqing (Guangdong-PRC), a project that was awarded by OICE and displayed at the 2010 Expo in Shanghai in the House of Excellences in China – China Italy Architectural Organization. In 2009, he turned to the study and assessment of microclimate efficiency in the urban fabric and the testing of methodologies and interdisciplinary processes of urban design. He is involved in projects of international cooperation in Kenya, in the rehabilitation of the Campus of the University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo (Mozambique), in the Plan of Urban Rehabilitation of the Hospital area, Botanical Gardens and Amphitheatre in Cagliari as well as providing scientific support to the Independent Region of Sardinia in the Project Iscol@ – New relationships between design and pedagogy for the schools of the region. Currently is member of the scientific board UNICA-Ministry of Defence for the rehabilitation of the coastial Forts of La Maddalena.