Francesca Camorali

Francesca Camorali (Turin 1978) is an architect who completed a Phd at the Polytechnic University of Turin. At the same university she has participated in many research projects, both national and European, amongst which the PRIN 2006 coordinated by Bernardo Secchi, entitled “Infrastructure for the mobility and construction of the metroplotan territory: guidelines for the an integrated project.” Since 2009 she has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Turin. In 2005 she joined the staff of Progetti dell’Urban Center Metropolitano, with whom she has been working on themes regarding urban and territorial transformations that interest the city of Turin and metropolitan areas in general.The work carried out with this team has been published in Italian and international journals and exhibited in various conferences and exhibitions, such as “Urban Promo” (Venice), “Beyond Media” (Florence 2009), MIPIM (Cannes). For Urban Center, in 2008 she participated in the exhibition “TO11: Biography of a City” (OGR Turin), working in particular on the parts dedicated to the Fiat Mirafiori factory and on the future scenarios of the metropolitan area. Her latest writings have been published by List (2009), Electa (2008), Marsilio (2010) an in the magazines “Territorio”, “Il Giorale dell’architettura” and “Ottogano”.