Chiara Rizzi

Chiara Rizzi (1976), international PhD architect. Since 2011 she is research fellow and lecturer at the University of Trento and since 2015 at the University of Genoa. Since 2004 she is collaborating to researches and gives lectures in national and international seminars. She is author of several chapters in edited books and papers for peer-reviewed international journals. The main theme of her research is to involve ecological restoration, mitigation and compensation into a landscape framework. Since 2006 she works as freelance architect and urban planner. Since 2010 she is the president of Architettura Senza Frontiere Abruzzo ONLUS, a not-for-profit association, member of International Committee of ASF, an independent network of organizations with a commitment to architecture, construction, urbanism and landscape design in developing countries and in areas of urban blight.