Corrado Diamantini

Teaching fellow at DICAM – Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of the University of Trento, where he teaches Urban and Environmental Planning and Design in Developing Countries. Member ofthe Scientific Board of the UNESCO Chair in Engineering for Human and Sustainable Development at the University of Trento and Scientific Supervisor for the drawing up of the Rotaliana Königsberg Community’s Territorial Plan. In the past Full Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Trento, where he held the positions of Head of the School in Engineering for the Environment and the Territory and Deputy Director of the School in Local Development; member of the Executive Board of ENSURE – European Network for Sustainable Urban and Regional Development and the Executive Board of SIU – Italian Society of Urban Planners. Research Fellow at the Eduardo Mondlane University of Maputo as part of the Erasmus Mundus Program. Previously teaching and research activities carried out at the IUAV University in Venice and at the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo.