diid n.65

Design as Inventor

Edited by
Mario Buono, Francesca La Rocca

Mario Buono, Sonia Capece, Doriana Dal Palù, Claudia De Giorgi, Andrea Di Salvo, Caterina Cristina Fiorentino, Anna Gallo,
Francesca La Rocca, Sabrina Lucibello, Ilaria Mariani, Tonino Paris, Isabella Patti, Lucia Pietroni, Carlo Ratti, Chiara Scarpitti,
Paolo Tamborrini, Viviana Trapani, Lorena Trebbi, Umberto Tolino, Renata Valente

The monographic issue describes design as inventor through narratives, illustrations of approaches and experiments. It is a mapping of the design culture useful to decipher the complexity of design, explore the boundaries and draw the possible lines of evolution.
Thinking, inventing and producing: reality – the physical and psychological world – becomes material for continuous investigation and interpretation.
In order to arrive at innovative results the research of design “disrupts to reformulate”, through the propensity to re-discuss established paradigms, methods and schemes.
The orientation towards experimentation and the tendency towards disciplinary contamination allow the design to be defined as a “privileged place” not only for engineering invention, but also for the search for new behaviours, new material and sensorial universes which are capable of reformulating in a new and radical way the relations between man and artifacts.

Alessandro Mendini > Tonino Paris

The design of the invention > Mario Buono
Design, ingenuity, and imagination > Sabrina Lucibello
Design between invention, interpretation, translation > Lucia Pietroni
Futurecraft: Design as Mutagen and Inventor > Carlo Ratti

Think gallery > Extra-ordinary > Francesca La Rocca

Sound in design: a new disciplinary sub-field? > Doriana Dal Palù, Claudia De Giorgi
Hacking Meanings.Innovation as Everyday Invention > Umberto Tolino, Ilaria Mariani
Re-think through and for the senses. Growing design and design with materials > Lorena Trebbi
Methods, phenomena and performative inventions > Renata Valente

Make gallery > Inventing materials and processes > Sonia Capece

The importance of being human > Andrea Di Salvo, Paolo Tamborrini
Office Landscape between avant-garde and tradition > Caterina Cristina Fiorentino
Sharing and creative contaminations in the London melting pot > Anna Gallo
Videogames on design: key elements of restrained creativity > Isabella Patti
The invention in everyday life > Viviana Trapani

Focus gallery > Inventions, interactions, bodies > Chiara Scarpitti

Pierre Chareau. La Maison de Verre > Tonino Paris

Maestri gallery