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Description it is at the same time monography and review, it follows an original criterium of pictures’ itinerary. In fact monograph. it devotes to architecture’s study several pages with complete contents. Moreover there will be a gallery of pictures of places, buildings, landscapes together with a monographic section for one or more cities in evolution therefore conceiving present urban places and landscapes as necessary and permanent elements of the project.
The choice of such contents is aimed at surveying the different developments of the project production in the range of the different scales. This will be completed with the further section “researches” (published in the next issues) which will stress innovation in projects with regard to contemporary cities and schools of architecture. Finally, it supports the theoretical debite –italian and international- with a section devoted to some points of view through interviews and essays. The genovese architetcure office 5+1AA is the protagonist of the first issue of the “”, with the exaustive atlas of drawings and architectural stills, and forthermore the european 16 “creative city”, finally the photo gallery dedicated to the stills of the Nunzio Battaglia italian photographer.

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