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Good food as therapy and treatment, landscapes seen as resource for well-being, nature as a close and reliable friend, and the countryside for rediscovering flavours and different lifetimes are the main subjects of the book, which looks into traditions and creativity. This is how the story of a family becomes a book of recipes, intuitions and models to follow.
This intense work of recognition and collection of daily traditions and culture attempts – in the year of EXPO2015 – to mark a first milestone in the journey from the Mediterranean to the Alps, always within the borders of this – so far – extraordinary Country.
Two years of research, visits and reconstructions in the homes, gardens, vineyards, olive groves, orchards of the Gelsi Rossi Farm in Acri (Cosenza, Calabria), have produced the content of this book, a wonderful experience made of nostalgic moments and remembrances, unique examples of objects and products, smells and colours of food that a book cannot include and evoke but readers can reproduce in their homes: a rediscovery of a certain slowness that has been lost and of the goodness of simple, natural things.
The pages of this book show a lot of the curious researcher, the aesthete, the Diviner. We hope that you enjoy the coloured and tasty journey as much as the authors have, and that you will follow us in our future travels!

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