Work-Life Balance: You Can! ed. English


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Ten work-life balance accounts that inspire us to believe that bridging the gap between job demands and family obligations is possible. These success stories go beyond mere conceptualization, describing real outcomes from applying good practices to family welfare. The protagonists of this book share their personal experiences about how they effectively met their desire for more family time without compromising their career, thanks also to their employers’ innovative business attitude. All the people interviewed reported a massive improvement of their life’s quality after applying for flexible working, teleworking and onsite or local childcare centers. It would be easy enough to dismiss these stories as anecdotal and unimportant, like drops in the ocean of globalization; however, if we believe in the tagline “think global, act local”, it will be clear that every seed of change we plant locally today will result in blossoms and spread everywhere tomorrow. In Trentino this has been happening for a while and it was decided to present it through the actual accounts of people living there, without any further remarks, firmly persuaded as we are that the overall effectiveness of a governance should be assessed on population’s quality of life, rather than on guidelines.
The many “smart working” (or agile working) policies implemented by the Autonomous Province of Trento to protect family welfare and promote work-life balance bring the whole region into line with the most advanced welfare states of Northern Europe, confirming Trentino’s historical role as a bridge between the Mediterranean and the Alps.

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