Singular Multiples


Contemporary Jewellery beyond the digital

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To understand jewelry design, a good starting point are the multiple relations between art and industry. Moving forward from the obsolete notion of industrial seriality, modern jewelry is characterized by strongly innovative research and its ability to conceive objects through new aesthetics, meanings and materials, towards the idea of “singular multiples”.
This research begins with a project for a jewel designed to be not only “consumed” but also to stimulate intellectually, as it expands its meanings to a broad spectrum of subjects and purposes, from sustainability to the innovation in materials and technologies, and including contemporary political and social debates.
Moving away from a rational analysis, this research studies modern digital technologies as points of reflection through which the more sensitive and human components of the project find their space, with the establishment of an intimate relationship with the human being.
From digital to post-digital, while mixing atoms and bits, modern jewelry creates new scenarios too: innovative softwares, 3D scanners, materials’ manipulation and transdisciplinary contamination expand the limits of research.
The book ends with the story about a collective project experience which has involved several stakeholders of contemporary Italian jewelry, through the organization of projects and workshops aiming to disclose this new culture of design which is particularly careful to the new technologies and digital processes.

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