Reimagining urbanism ed. English


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We live in a world of cities, where more than half of the population lives and works in urban settlements, whether dense or sprawled, metropolitan or networked, expanding or sharinking. In the age of metamorphosis the city is not only a development growth machine, but bearing the responsability to generate innovative lifestyles, more sustainable smart and creative, and to be the reformer of is policies and urbanism will be able to produce the necessary resources for a new anvironmentally-friendly urban metabolism based on reduction of consumption, consolidation of the welfare state, encouragement of innovative funtions thus promoting creativity and intelligence, enhancing urban agricolture and recycling practices, improving new manufactures of the third industrial revolution, managing the climaate chance and energy efficiency in the cities of tomorrow. Re-immagining urbanism requires new visions, renewed paradigms, severe challenges and robust commitments, but most of all resolve and determination to follow the path of urbanism utopia.

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