Creative City


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An up-to-date issue: the city investing in research, innovation and regeneration through culture and creativity are the vanguard in Europe. Cities with high quality of life, where culture, art, architecture and urban design have a powerful role and an active meaning. They are able to act on the social and urban dimension, on the generation of a new and evolving concept of urban culture. Creative City is a research-review, an atlas of urban, landscape and architectural projects, which collect some creative good practices for transforming the contemporary city, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Genoa, Hamburg, Lyon, Lisbon, Marseille, Newcastle, Palermo, Rotterdam and Valencia: city creating new urban culture. The “small creative capitals” are interpreted through an atlas of maps, data, informations and benchmarks useful to understand what happens and how it evolves the Europe of cities in which we live and which visions will be open up in next years.

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