Projects along the coast line: adriatic identities


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While it may seem that everything has already been written, this work wishes to bring to the already consistent body of existing literature a reading and interpretation of the identity of the landscape, of the settlements and architecture of the Adriatic-Ionian Euro Region, a geographic area that is acquiring an important role within new European equilibriums. In fact, it is evident that within the contemporary geopolitical scenario a number of regions are acquiring a greater importance and increasingly more weight in the cultural, political and economic and social arena with respect to others. This is clearly the case of the Adriatic-Ionian Region, destined to become a key region for a new series of relations between East and West, between North and South, between Europe and the Balkans. Europe now looks towards the Balkans, and the Balkans towards Europe, each with multiple interests. This policy is in reality diagonal, like the axis of the Adriatic itself, which extends from the heart of Central Europe toward latitudes as far East as cities such as Budapest. The geographic transversality characteristic of this region must also become a social and political transversality capable of integrating cultures, practices and knowledge developed over the centuries on both coasts of the Adriatic-Ionian basin. This work, through a numerous series of “projects along the coast line”, intends to propose its contribution towards a new “geo-urbanism” related to the identity aspect of the processes of transformation that today cities facing the Adriatic and Ionian Seas address.

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