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The architectural project starting from the Territorial Fixed Capital


Contemporary erosion of a system that is based on consumption – of opportunities, resources, and land – means that the disciplines that orbit around the architecture project need a change of paradigm. Although it’s too extreme to declare that the model of constant growth has been surpassed, it is clear that we need to refl ect on its methods and its forms. In this sense, some issues and words come to the foreground: the theme of the durability and lastingness of objects in the world, of the inertia of many material (and immaterial) deposits that constitute our landscapes. Such materials can become usable, be re-included within a modifi cation project that moves in successive slips. You could call it a fi xed territorial capital that is waiting to be restructured, that could be put back into play inside a genuine prospective for change, and that can see the palimpsest of signs and meanings that are at the base of architecture and built landscape. Introductory essay by Arturo Lanzani.

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