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This book introduces, in a textual and graphical diagrammatic mode, the comparative study of the generative process of three architectural and landscape projects that share compositional logics, technological choices and morphological approaches, as employed in the functional and spatial re-use of buildings or areas left abandoned by the disruptive action of mass tourism onto environmentally fragile areas or re-ignited by its driving force.
The three projects explore the mutual influence and transition between theoretical speculation, Design Studios investigation themes, and direct applications into the professional realm.
Developed between 2012 and 2016, they concern three sites prompted by complex functional programs pivoting around a mix of hospitality, leisure, exhibition, and retail, Capo Ceraso Hub, in Olbia (Italy), Cocoa Cluster Expo Milano 2015, in Milan (Italy) and Sky Court Leisure Center in Sanya (China).
Some common principles are imprisoned in the design process of the three works, although articulated in different yet comparable ways:
1. The ground as a matrix of morphological operations;
2. The clear distinction between:
a) the main volumes shaped as massive opaque blocks;
b) a secondary cladding, acting as a skin;
c) a variety of visible structural elements revealing the construction process.
3. The assembled nature of the “independent” objects that animate both the interiors and exteriors.

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