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From the landscape plans of the alpine regions, architecture (Lovegrove, Olgiati, Thun, Cecchetto, Riegler &Riewe, Group8, Montanelli, e altri) that follows certain traditions, to others that innovate profoundly. The volume illustrates different positions and research, and attempts to give answers and relaunch issues, dedicating “High_Scapes” – high signifying geographical and physical eccellence – in the various sections where different topics are developed. Some of the first answers are derived from the results of the research presented in the first edition of the ALPS Biennial (Alpine Landscape Project Sustainability, June 2008). The book also contains a DVD of the documentary film “Inside the Landscape, the Alps”, shot on the occasion of the Biennial, that relaunches the issues of the alpine landscape, but generally the reality and centrality of this matter and the issues linked to it, through images and contributions of the people involved in the research in progress.

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