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Julio Lafuente, spanish-french-italian architect, has fascinating parcourse. At the 50th years, after a long cultural trip, where he visited Picasso and Le Corbusier’ studios, he came in Rome by a Vespa. Lafuente’s career started with same works like beautiful houses in the roman litoral or residences in the city. He met Libera and Moretti and worked with Monaco and Luccichenti. He’ve had important buyers from Vaticano, Onassis and Esso. In the 1980, for Esso company, he planed one of the most ipertechnological italian building. His book tells about his first works, his artist and architect style, his visionary view without limits, until his last future’ images like the arbor house, the city without traffic, the hotel without passage. At the beginning of the book, Valenti Gomez interviews Lafuente about his intense life. The “picture”, that come out, is very fascinating: It shows his works and his meeting during period of “Dolce Vita” and his passion and practice on project like a view between space and future.

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