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This book is a real Atlas with images, projects and considerations about the transformations that have occurred in Genoa during  the last 10 years, clashing with the researches and works produced by Franz Prati and others teachers of the Architecture department in the University. Their authors (Braghieri, Casamonti, Gabrielli, Galli, Giberti, Gausa, Miselli, Peluffo, Ricci, Pellegrini, Valenti, Scelsi) of these series of original and innovative explorative studies, looking at the Modern though to the Contemporary, with his and other authors’ projects, illustrated in the book. Genoa can be considered as an Italian, advanced “architectural and urban laboratory”. This town is a place for occasions and events, whether you consider only the architecture or you view the town as a whole. It has given a platform from which significant debates arose. This can be the base for a new view in the understanding of contemporary project in Italy, which will surpass some aspects of the modernism with its negative heritage, transforming them in acknowledge elements. This study presents many projects, enriched by conversations and theoretical cues, passing through the images of the change and the original researches. Photos by Valentina Gugole and Ernesta Caviola

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