Visual Storytelling


14 perspectives on narrating through images.

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In his book “A Whole New Mind,” Daniel Pink proposes a simple but illuminating parallel: “If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is equally true that a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures.” Metaphors – to give an example right off the bat – are handles that open new doors of meaning. But what happens when metaphors are visual? Telling stories through images implies reflecting on symbols, languages, editing, time, context, and audiences. It is a rather complex and multifaceted process despite its seeming simplicity. That is why it is difficult, and perhaps even presumptuous, to exhaustively describe what visual metaphors are and how they work. Instead, it is more practical and reasonable to collect different viewpoints to paint a picture of some of its most significant inclinations. This book contains 13 diverse points of view on Visual Storytelling by scholars and experts from different cultural backgrounds, including communication, gender studies, sociology, education, heritage enhancement in museums, and gaming. This collection aims to reflect the interdisciplinary potential of visual storytelling and its applicability in different fields.

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