Canton Ticino, terrritory of a new modernity


A perspective of densification after the urban sprawl.

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The relation between urban density and intensity has always been at the center of the planning debate. The present situation of economic stalemate has made the question particularly crucial for its implications with the real estate market and the repercussions on resources consumption. Our cities need new tools and opportunities, not to develop but to re-organize the quality and the structures of spaces we already live in. The book collects the outcomes of the researches and projects developed by the Master in Urban Vision and Architectural Design, Domus Academy, the academic year 2012/13, in the context of the Infrarealities research programme by i2a – international institute of architecture, Lugano. The materials presented explore possible scenarios for the Lugano urban agglomerate, an emblematic example of the current urban sprawl condition, and produce a reflection on the spatial assets and architectural tools that can give quality back to the inhabited space.

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Gianandrea Barreca, Alessandro Martinelli, Francesca Vargiu, Andrea Vercellotti


Francesca Vargiu



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