Scenari della Cosmetica


Design-oriented strategies and competitive models for the cosmetic industry.

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In recent years, the cosmetics industry has undergone a significant evolution involving multiple aspects, from production processes to products to sales and distribution strategies. Companies face a dynamic and vital market in which small companies, start-ups, and spin-offs are making their way, transforming the production geographies of the cosmetics sector and challenging the historical leadership of the large fashion houses. Greater consumer awareness and technological advances require adopting different approaches to designing and developing new products. The cosmetics ecosystem is called to respond to cultural, social, and technological evolution, accelerating the transition towards a new paradigm. It is essential to welcome a transdisciplinary perspective that encourages dialogue, comparison, and contamination between hard science (medicine, chemistry, biology) and soft science, opening up to research in the fields of design and marketing to grasp and interpret signals of change more effectively. In this publication, the evolutionary trajectories of consumer behavior will be traced through the study and selection of successful cases. New business models and design-oriented competitive strategies will be described, outlining the emerging themes and cosmetics scenarios of the near future.

This publication is available in Italian only.

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