Islands: Taiwan – Sicilia


An investigation of large islands culture through the lens of contemporary visual arts.

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The book is the catalog of the exhibition “In Balance – Islands: Taiwan – Sicilia” promoted by Nicola Marinello ( together with Group.G (, and curated by Alessandro Martinelli, Massimiliano Robino, and Yen-Wen Fang. The exhibition showcased 9 artists from Taiwan and 8 from Sicilia, the work of which elaborates on different aspects of their culture and landscape of reference. By the means of this operation, the exhibition aimed to spark social and cultural exchange between two different island cultures and to raise a question concerning the island culture as such. Indeed, the exhibition understands island life as a form of resistance against the homogenization of globalization, a resistance that must be understood in its positive aspects for to improve and contribute to the life of contemporary societies across the world.

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