Pino Scaglione

Pino Scaglione, architect-urbanist, is a professor of Urban Planning at the University of Trento and has been invited to teach at many other Italian and foreign universities. In 1996 he exhibited his work, together with Patrizia Leone, at the VI Biennial of Architecture in Venice. He founded and directed d’Architettura, an italian magazine on architecture, and is currently directore of magazines “” and ALPS. He more recently founded and currently coordinates TALL/TrentinoAltoAdige Advanced Landscape design Lab (University of Trento), an international laboratory for urban strategies and projects, and related editorial work and exhibitions. He has worked on architecture, interiors, urban projects and public spaces, territory and landscape, first with the studio AARUS and now with “Factory Green TrenD” for design, based in Trento. He is also a member of the following scientific committees: Osservatorio del Paesaggio della Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Escuela de Arquitectura de Sevilla, rivista “Pasajes de Arquitectura”, “Paesaggio Urbano”, Casa Editrice LIStLab. His works and research have been published in internationally important magazines and books. He is in ontact with some of the most important European and international universities in the world (AA, Bartlett School/London, Berlage/Rotterdam, Barcellona/UPC e Valles, TUM/Muenchen, Harvard GSD, Innsbruck, Graz, University of Liechtenstein, ecc.).