Beyond Urbanization



The Modern Architecture and the Mediterranean sea


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Infrarealities and the Intermodal Hubs. The whole world is nowadays involved in a phase of the globalization process in which the need for a total form of accessibility has to deal with the need for a political and administrative form capable to properly manage the enormous amount of infrastructural networks that total accessibility anyway requires. Even if today we spend the most of our life in relationship to infrastructures, we actually live ‘inside’ them, we are in fact not so able to manage them, as the recent signs of faltering political confidence in infrastructural development by many advanced countries witness. In this respect, recognizing the
diffused lack of knowledge about the vital relationship that binds together infrastructures with the exercise of their
administration, i2a – international institute of architecture has organized for the period 2011- 2013 the research
program Infrarealities – unraveling the management and maintenance of the urban condition with the intention to
investigate the capability of architecture to mediate and therefore control this relationship.

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