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Welfare space On the role of Welfare State Policies in the Costruction of the Contemporary City

This book deals with the relationship between welfare policies and cities, the ways in which the complex set of actions designed to ensure greater well-being to different populations will help to build the city and, conversely, how the city and its various spatial articulations contribute to the well-being of its inhabitants. The book consists of two parts. In the first we attempt to define the concept of “welfare space”, discussing the current state of the concept. In the second instead, we analyze the spatial results of the welfare policies that have been enacted in the Veneto central are...

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Five star plus | Lido Palace Hotel


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Scoprire il fiume Scoprire il fiume

The bringing back to the surface of a river which in past centuries crossed the city centre of Zhogshan, China is the singular experiment to which the pages of this publication are dedicated. It is the result of international cooperation between several Italian universities (Pescara, Venice and Ascoli) and the Local Planning Institute. The Jiu Qu River Renewal Project has become a large urban project, in which the rastoration of the architectural heritage from the past and the demolition of less significant buildings have been used together to generate new settlement arrangements and sustainab...

Author: Umberto Cao, Giancarlo Carnevale, Alberto Clementi Go to details >>