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Figli e lavoro si può


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Sulla città futura


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Beyond Urbanism

Landscape urbanism emerged in the late 1990s as a critique of urban design’s inability to deal with the expanded character of urbanization. Landscape has been intended as the medium through which to interpret the contemporary city and to develop a more ecologically informed urbanism. In the last fifteen years, several books, academic programs, and design projects have been developed under the landscape urbanism banner, contributing to blurring the boundaries between the spatial disciplines and multiplying and enhancing urban strategies. It is the project of a “school,” whose main advocates are...

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Mountain landscapes A decision support system for the accessibility

According with the Alps and Carpathian Conventions, the European Landscape Convention, and the Birds, and Habitats Directives the research project “Access2Mountain”, illustrated in this book, aims to promote the improvement of the accessibility in mountain areas, as a crucial factor for their social, economic and cultural sustainable development, with particular regard for tourism. In the meanwhile, it aims to enlight methods, models and tools for the containment and the reduction of negative impacts of traffic, infrastructures and tourist flows on the environment, landscape and natural-cultur...

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