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A22 New Ecologies for Osmotic Infrastructures

Highway and landscape are, in the case of A22, perhaps more than elsewhere, strongly related one with each other. From the results of an experimental project for A22 the idea of ​​a research that the Faculty of Engineering of Trento, via the Observatory workshop-TALL (Trentino AltoAdige advanced Land-scape Design Lab) aims to make effective and practicable with the ‘goal of significant spillovers on the territory of Trentino and South Tyrol. At this set of issues added the contribution of other prestigious research in recent years which have moved at a renewed relationship betwe...

Author: Pino Scaglione, Mosč Ricci Go to details >>

PPC | No Waste Design and Waste

NO-WASTE is the monography, number 27-28, by Piano Progetto Cittą, was created in 1984 by the Pescara Faculty of Architecture as an instrument for dialogue between Architecture and Urban Planning. The magazine has over the course of the years, developed a notion of design as a transversal and inter-scalar dynamic. During this period, PPC has confronted issues raised by international debate (urban design, the landscape, infrastructures, environmental compatibility, the role of context in the process of design, the interweaving between the local and global, etc.). Today, Piano Progetto Cittą int...

Author: Rosario Pavia Go to details >>

Critical territories From academia to Praxis

This book records the current state of our practice, theory and teaching of Landscape Urbanism and its development in recent years. It describes the phases and processes through which we have arrived at a distinctive model of Landscape Urbanism and the movement, from academia to praxis, through which this has been achieved. To this end, Critical Territories opens with a series of contributions to the ongoing development of our theoretical perspectives before turning to elaborate, from within the academic framework of the Architectural Association, the work of our students and the agendas they ...

Author: Douglas Spencer, Alfredo Ramirez, Eduardo Rico, Eva Castro Go to details >>

Back in paly The architectural project starting from the Territorial Fixed Capital

Contemporary erosion of a system that is based on consumption - of opportunities, resources, and land - means that the disciplines that orbit around the architecture project need a change of paradigm. Although it’s too extreme to declare that the model of constant growth has been surpassed, it is clear that we need to refl ect on its methods and its forms. In this sense, some issues and words come to the foreground: the theme of the durability and lastingness of objects in the world, of the inertia of many material (and immaterial) deposits that constitute our landscapes. Such materials can...

Author: Roberto Dini, Paolo Antonelli, Francesca Camorali, Andrea Delpiano Go to details >>