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Monograph.Research R.E.D.S. 02

Marco Scarpinato, Lucia Pierro, Massimo Angrilli, Pier Paolo Balbo, Tiziana Cardinale, Pietro Currò, Paolo De Pascali, Maurizio, Imperio, Pietro Polimeni, Manlio Vendittelli, Michele Manigrasso, Cristina Mattiucci, Marina Montuori, Federica Morgia, Jessica Smeralda Oliva, Chiara Olivastri, Caterina Padoa Schioppa, Claudia Piscitelli, Sergio Selicato, Marilena Prisco, Mattia Federico Leone, Stefan Rühle, Giulia Santarelli, Jeannette Sordi, Sabrina Sposito, Carlo Valorani, Felipe Vera, Benjamin Scheerbarth, Jose Mayoral, Stefania Masuino And Dalila Mantovani, Barbara Angi, Alessandra Badami, Cla...

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Monograph.Ithasinnovativecharacteristicswhichmakeitdifferentamong the traditional magazines. It is at the same time monography and review, it follows an original criterium of pictures’ itinerary. In fact monograph.It devotes to architecture’s study several pages with complete contents. Moreover there will be a gallery of pictures of places, buildings, landscapes together with a monographic section for one or more cities in evolution therefore conceiving present urban places and landscapes as necessary and permanent elements of the project. The choice of such contents is aimed at surveying the ...

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Alps|Home&Habitat intelligent

A habitat and intelligent home are fruit of an ex- cellent relation with the context -in which each building is placed- with the local resources, with the landscape and its values, with the materials and tradition, and also with the best technological solution, with the environment and its problems, with a particular attention at the reduce the eco- logical footprint. Browse through the preview of Alps Alps|Home&Habitat intelligent...

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Dialoghi sull'urbanistica


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