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Muse - Museo delle Scienze The architecture of the museum explained by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

This is an easy architectural guide to a complex architecture. The Muse, the new Science Museum of Trento designed by Renzo Piano, is explained by its designers to the visitors-not just architects-in the pages of this guide. Through the various spaces, the story unfolds with images and ideas, summed up by a rich collection of photographs and drawings illustrating the museumís genesis, from the first drafts to the fundamental design choices. Architecture as an important creative and conceptual path thus becomes an integral part of the museum, housing its contentent as well as enhancing it...

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Canton Ticino: territory of a new modernity. A perspective of densification after the urban sprawl.

The relation between density - to be meant in mere volumetric terms - and intensity - as a matter of urban quality, has always been in the centre of the architectural debate and practice. The present economic situation of stalemate and often of de-growth has made the relationship between quantity and quality particularly crucial for its implications with the real estate market and for its evident repercussions on resources, and therefore, on the strategies behind the transformation of our built environment. Our cities seem to need tools and opportunities, not much to build more but to rethink ...

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Architecture and 20th century

Bringing to light the debt twentieth-century modernist architects owe to the vernacular building traditions of the Mediterranean region. This book considers architectural practice and discourse from the 1920s to the 1980s. The essays here situate Mediterranean modernism in relation to concepts such as regionalism, nationalism, internationalism, critical regionalism, and postmodernism - an alternative history of the modern architecture and urbanism of a critical period in the twentieth century....

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New paradigms


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