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Edited by: Lucia Pietroni Go to details >>

Charter of Public Space

This book reports the process of construction of the “Charter of Public Space” which was adopted during the Second Biennial of Public Space. The Charter, translated in eight languages, aspires to be a document for all those who believe in the city and in its extraordinary ability for hospitality, solidarity, conviviality and sharing; in its inimitable virtue in encouraging social interaction, encounter, togetherness, freedom and democracy; and in its calling for giving life to these values through public space. At the same time, cities show the worsening of economic, social, ethn...

Author: Marichela Sepe, Lucia Lancerin, Pietro Garau Go to details >>

WEAKCITY notes on landscape Urbanism

"The study of 'weak' urbanism is both timely and apt. The topic informed the development if landscape urbanism a decade ago, and is qually evident in the emergent discourse of an 'ecological urbanism.' Cattaneo's working method and extensive research illustrate how 'weakness' came to occupy a strong position in the disciplinary discourses and projective practices of the urban arts today." Charles Waldheim WEAK PROJECT: STRONG THOUGHT Elisa Cattaneo is within the limited group of international architects able to face the crisis of the contemporary design as an opportunity for epistemologica...

Author: Elisa Cattaneo Go to details >> | Alberto Cecchetto Between city and architecture, competitions and ideas on the future

From the experience and publishing success of “” comes a new series, “monograph.arch” world-class, focused on It alian-European architecture, through a review of studies and designers, individuals or groups, whic to the critical narrative and documentary, to the value of creativity, research and project added the description of a territorial-productive “model” of a typical , permanent and positive condition of the season of the project in It aly and in Europe today understood qualitatively as a reborn dynamism that is redefining the design production in the national and internat...

Author: Alberto Cecchetto Go to details >>