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Quarto Paesaggio


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Design and Technology. Lectures

The book is edited through the critical processing of a cycle of communications carried out by the authors at Italian and foreign universities during the years 2006-2013. It has been decided to use the term “ lectures “ in the title, because it seemed to be the most appropriate way to define the feature of the contributions: because of contents , register and places, a lecture usually represents something more than a ordinary class lesson atuniversity and in some cases a sort of abstract for a conference. The lectures are linked by the issue around the role of technology in contemporary archit...

Author: Spartaco Paris Go to details >>

New water anthropology

Water has often defined the layout and structure of cities and their architecture. In conjunction with orography, which is often a result of its action, water has produced cities that have developed with it symbiotically for a long time. Over time, scientific techniques and progress have introduced new systems to control, conserve and use water. By distancing ourselves from its original character, we have violated some of its behavioural patterns and we have lost landscapes and urban spaces which find their raison d’etre in water and with water. New Water Anthropology brings together a series ...

Author: Gianandrea Barreca Go to details >>

Diego Chilò | Design maker

The industrial design tends to take the value of a discipline forever more central in the contemporary disciplines of project. A significant space today is the so-called “design makers”, those who are in this direction -at the same time- designers and craftsman. Diego chilo’ is -without doubt- one of the first designer who has decided to imagine the product design as testing and discovery, research, but also elaboration and re-arrangement of a practical knowledge. Chilo’ - that with this tool- celebrates thirty years of activities of designer, is moving in his dense production from glass to...

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