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Footpaths for the City 01 - 02

This book is a product of the research infrarealities - unravelling the management and maintenance of the urban condition, organized by i2a - international institute of architecture and directed by Alessandro Martinelli and Jachen Könz. The administrative fragmentation of the contemporary landscape is a key-condition for human development: it is more than necessary in order to manage the increasing numbers of infrastructure that mankind currently uses. Within this framework, architecture plays a crucial role: indeed, only spatial articulation can avoid that such fragmentation should turn in...

Author: Vincenzo Tuccillo, Silvia Sivo, Rosalia Briguglio, Antonio Pennisi, Alessandro Martinelli Go to details >>

Projects along the coast line: adriatic identities

While it may seem that everything has already been written, this work wishes to bring to the already consistent body of existing literature a reading and interpretation of the identity of the landscape, of the settlements and architecture of the Adriatic-Ionian Euro Region, a geographic area that is acquiring an important role within new European equilibriums. In fact, it is evident that within the contemporary geopolitical scenario a number of regions are acquiring a greater importance and increasingly more weight in the cultural, political and economic and social arena with respect to others...

Author: Lorenzo Pignatti Go to details >>

Food design


Author: Andrea Lupacchini Go to details >>

Occasioni urbane Città e aree urbane dismesse


Edited by: Greta Brugnoli Go to details >>