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In the city on the cities

Landscape urbanists and the regeneration of contemporary Cities. Demands of a new urban metabolism and landscape networks. Recycling the city by water, grounds, energy and soft mobility. Imagining the public city of the future by green and blu infrastructures. An anthology of texts and project...

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Alps n.7 Architecture Clima & Design


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PPC Ordinariness 29-30

Piano Progetto Cittą was founded in 1984 by the Pescara Faculty of Architecture as an instrument for dialogue between architecture and urban planning. Over the years, the magazine has developed a notion of design as a transversal and inter-scalar dynamic and has investigated issues raised by international debate: urban design, landscape, infrastructures, environmental sustainability, context, the interweaving between the local and global. Always open to contributions from abroad, with the aim of establishing a network of relationships usefull to intensify the debate, PPC boasts a tradition to ...

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