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Intorno al VUOTO riflessioni italiane sul tema


Author: Riccardo Miselli, Alessandro Cambi Go to details >>



Author: Pepe Barbieri Go to details >>

Spostamenti intelligenti

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Author: Pino Scaglione Edited by: Gaia Sgaramella Go to details >>

A New Gateway for Venice

Working together as a joint architectural and urban design studio, twenty six students from the three UNSW disci- plines of architecture, built architecture and interior architecture, a group of twelve Ita- lian students from the host University, IUAV of Venice, and three visiting students from the Future University of Khartoum (Sudan), were engaged in a cri- tical discourse on con- temporary problems of the built environ- ment, grounded in the culture of Venice. The site and project brief was to explore the currently un-reno- vated “Gas Area” in the neighbourhood of Santa Marta, located in th...

Author: Paola Favaro, Katrina Simon, Anna-Paola Pola Go to details >>