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From the experience and publishing success of “” comes a new series, “monograph.arch” world-class, focused on It alian-European architecture, through a review of studies and designers, individuals or groups, whic to the critical narrative and documentary, to the value of creativity, research and project added the description of a territorial-productive “model” of a typical , permanent and positive condition of the season of the project in It aly and in Europe today understood qualitatively as a reborn dynamism that is redefining the design production in the national and internat...

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Cibo natura abitare


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The Architect as Civil Agent News from Switzerland

Architecture as practice is strictly related to the social and natural context where it is operative. Unfortunately, its products -that is to say buildings- do not show in evident ways this connection. They only participate in more or less adequate ways to their context. When the practice transforms into civil action, it is the practice as such that comes at stake, thus revealing important information about the context from where it is originated and where intends to operate. It makes explicit the socio-natural complexity of the human action into the environment. A lecture series dedicated to ...

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